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Ekosse - Google Scholar Citations 2012 Multivariate analyses of heavy metals in soils and Colophospermum mopane leaves around the Selebi Phikwe nickel-copper mine and smelter/concentrator plant area, Botswana GIE Ekosse,
Mineralogical and Physico-Chemical Characterization of , Discovery of new geophagic clayey deposit in the locality of Meka'a contributed to the apparition of new species of geophagic clay materials in the local market Due to the fact that positive or negative effects of geophagia are conditioned by physico-chemical, mineralogical and geochemical properties of the clay soil ingested, it is therefore necessary to mineralogically and physico .
Project MUSE - Author Index Aagaard-Hansen, J 1715 , KK 2852 Aase, A 1502 Abah, OS 2793, 2878 Abakah, EN 2573 Abbink, J 1497 Abd-Kadir, J 1809 Abdalla, RD 1523
From source to basin of deposition: influence of , Geophagia – the deliberate consumption of soil – has been practised for many centuries by a range of ethnic, religious and social groups in the world for a number of reasons They include, but are not exclusive to, the following: nutrient supplementation; detoxification; alleviation of .
Geophagia - WikiVisually Geophagia is nearly universal around the world in tribal and traditional rural societies , ^ a b Ekosse, Georges-Ivo E , Diko, Makia L (2017-05-25) "Environmental Geochemistry of Geophagic Materials from Free State Province in South Africa" Open Geoscienc
:University of Limpopo: In: GIE Ekosse, L de Jager & VM Ngole (eds) An Innovative Perspective on the Role of clays and clay minerals and Geophagia on Economic development Book of Conference Proceeding of the 1st International Conference of Clays and Clay Minerals in Africa and 2nd International Conference on Geophagia in Southern Africa, pp124-130
Geophagia - Wikipedia Geophagia is widespread in the animal kingdom Galen, the Greek philosopher and physician, was the first to record the use of clay by sick or injured animals in the second century ADThis type of geophagia has been documented in "many species of mammals, birds, reptiles, butterflies and isopods, especially among herbivores"
Textural and mineralogical characteristics of soils from , A graphite monochromator with a PW 1877 Automated Power Diffraction, X'PERT Data Collector soft-ware package was employed for qualitative identification of the minerals (Diko and Ekosse, 2012 Diko, ML & Ekosse, GE 2012
mineral associated with mining of kaolin - shibang-china This page is about mineral associated with mining of kaolin, click here to get more infomation about mineral associated with mining of kaolin
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Correlation of soil organic carbon and nutrients (NPK) to , Abstract This work investigates the correlations existing among soil organic carbon (C), nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), potassium (K), and physicochemical properties like clay mineralogy, textural components, soil aggregation, and land use pattern
Physico-Chemistry of Geophagic Soils Ingested to Relief , Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy (NVP) is one of the most common symptoms experienced by most women during their first trimester of pregnancy For some of these women, especially the more tribally and culturally oriented ones, soil ingestion is one of the remedies used to curb NVP
2 UNIVEN-WSU International Research Conference - , 2nd UNIVEN-WSU International Research Conference Galvanising Development through Research and Innovation , In 2012, she was one of the Vice Chancellor’s Awardees for Excellence in Teaching and Learning , and Cishe EN perspectives and the dynamics of access to clean water in the Mthatha river catchment area of South Africa Diko ML, Ekosse .
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CIMERA | Research Team He worked initially as a Tutorial Fellow at the People’s University in Moscow (1980-1984) then at the University of Nairobi from the position of Lecturer to Associate Professor (1985-2000) and at University of Venda as Professor ( 2000-2012) and now as Professor Emeritus (from January 2013)
Impact of pulp and paper mill effluents and solid wastes , Amini, S, Movahedi, SAR, & Mashayekhi, K (2012) Effects of paper-mill sludge as a mulch versus topsoil incorporation on potassium uptake and the grain yield of rain-fed wheat in a high specific surface loess soil with illite dominance in clay fraction
The effect of winery solid waste compost application on , Sarker et al (2012) similarly observed a better growth performance of radish with the highest rate of city compost than with the NPK fertilizer The increase in stem diameter indicates improved growth of maize plants after the addition of WSW composts to the soil
Goethite - definition of goethite by The Free Dictionary goethite - a red or yellow or brown mineral; an oxide of iron that is a common constituent of rust gothite rust - a red or brown oxide coating on iron or steel caused by the action of oxygen and moisture
kaolin clay south africa deposits - flyinfocoin kaolin - Serina Trading - Home SERINA TRADING is a global trader in kaolin (also know as china clay) and other industrial minerals and related products
Mineralogical characteristics of Cretaceous-Tertiary , The number of samples and sampling distance were a function of the availability of the outcrop, and the size and differences in lithological characteristics of the kaolin occurrences (Diko and Ekosse, 2012)
Health risks from lost awareness of cultural behaviours , The daily intake of soil reported by geophagists ranges from 5 to 70 g, with an average daily intake of 50 g (Woode and Hackman-Duncan, 2014, Nyanza et al, 2014, Diko and Diko, 2013, Gichumbi and Ombaka, 2012)
CORE By M L Diko, G E Ekosse, S N Ayonghe and E B Ntasin Abstract Physical and geotechnical characterization of unconsolidated sediments associated with the 200
Landslide susceptibility on selected slopes in Dzanani , Landslide susceptibility on selected slopes in Dzanani, Limpopo Province, South Africa Authors: , developed on volcanic rocks in Dzanani, Limpopo Province, South Africa Over the past decade, , (Diko 2012; Ngole, Ekosse & Ayonghe 2007) In South Africa, despite significant strides made towards .
Environmental Geochemistry of Geophagic Materials from , AbstractNine geophagic material samples were analysed in order to characterise their mineralogical and elemental constituents, and infer on their health threats Most abundant mineral in the samples was quartz, followed by smectite, kaolinite and muscovite in minor; and microcline, plagioclase, and goethite in trace quantiti Dominant major oxides were SiO2 (43 - 74 wt%) and Al2O3(15 - 19 wt%)
Aldol condensation of benzaldehyde and heptanal: a , Aldol condensation of benzaldehyde and heptanal: a comparative study of laboratory and industrially prepared Mg–Al mixed oxid , 23 Diko M, Ekosse G and Ogola J, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and thermal analyses of kaolinitic clays from South Africa and Cameroon
2014-DONDI-Clays_and_Bodies_for_Ceramic_Tilpdf , passed 10 billion m2 in 2012 (Baraldi, 2013; Stock, 2012) Such an impressive growth implies an increasing demand for raw materials, whose global consumption can be ,
From source to basin of deposition: influence of , According to Ekosse and Jumbam (2010), Diko and Ekosse (2011), Ngole and Ekosse (2012), geophagic individuals are influenced by the texture of geophagic materials, with a
Search results for `E Mine Cinar` - PhilPapers Dreger, E K Feder & A Tamar-Mattis - 2012 - Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 9 (3):277-294 Following extensive examination of published and unpublished materials, we provide a history of the use of dexamethasone in pregnant women at risk of carrying a fetus affected by congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)
ESCUELA POLITÉCNICA NACIONAL - PDF (Ravemark, Rippin, 2012, p 114) El proyecto surge para llevar de la producción tradicionalmente artesanal a la Industrial, de esta manera se consigue optimizar tiempos (reducir horas de trabajo innecesarias), incrementar la producción de cerámicas lúdicas así como de pastas frías a nivel nacional
DOI: 105897/IJPS12066 (2012) - citeseerxistpsuedu CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Physical and geotechnical characterization of unconsolidated sediments associated with the 2005